Medical Chemical Peels

VI PEEL, The Perfect Peel for all skin types.  Improve the tone, texture, and clarity of the skin.  Diminish the appearance of skin discoloration.  Reduce the appearance of pore size.  Soften fine lines and wrinkles.  Purify acneic skin conditions by reducing inflammation, post-inflammatory marks, bacteria and excessive cell build-up.  Stimulate fibroblast activity, increasing collagen and elastin production for firmer skin.  The VI Peel contains TCA, Salicylic Acid, Phenol, Retinoic Acid, Vitamins and Microelements.

VI Peel Boosters add a higher concentration of the same blend of ingredients as the VI Peel and are made specifically to treat stubborn melasma and hyperpigmentation.  Used for all skin types. There is Minimal Healing Time- patients enjoy healthy, beautiful youthful skin in about one week.


IMAGE’S complete clinical resurfacing treatments, from Organic to Medical Grade and used with results-driven ENHANCERS.  Used for all skin types, and no downtime.


Ageless Total Pure Hyaluronic Filler, Vital C Hydrating Anti-Aging Serum,  ( Soul Serums) Vital C Hydrating Eye Recovery Gel, Ormedic Balancing Lip Enhancement Complex, Ormedic Balancing Gel Masque, Iluma Intense Brightening Serum, Ageless total overnight Retinol masque, Clear Cell medicated acne lotion and Image Protection SPF 30 and 50.